What is the Beta website?

The purpose of the Beta is to illustrate the core concepts/features of our website for feedback from legal and creative communities.

A future version of this website will be the centrepiece of our public-facing creative communications campaign in 2021 which aims to create a cultural shift on bail reform.

This Beta was launched on Oct 30, 2020. It was conceived, designed, and built by a team of volunteers at the Law & Design CoLab - a nonprofit organization that unites professionals in design, tech, and strategy with social justice advocates.

Who is this Beta for?

  • Legal community

  • Community advocates and service providers

  • Researchers and experts

  • Creative professionals

  • Potential institutional partners & sponsors

We want to hear from you!

We're keen to hear your feedback on this beta website.

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Why this project? Why now?

In 2020, social justice has taken centre stage. Now more than ever before, public attention is getting focused on the urgent need for systemic change in our justice system.

We’re witnessing a new generation of social justice advocacy driven by:

Digital & Social Media

Rapidly capture/share lived experience of injustice, connect with audiences and move to action more effectively.

Partnership with Creative Talent

In the US, major investments in creative talent have delivered new concepts, formats, and high production values that resulted in unprecedented reach & engagement.

But this type of advocacy hasn’t delivered comparable impact in Canada because:

  • Traditional news dominates the conversation

  • The smaller size/scale of nonprofits & philanthropy

  • More timid & reserved advocacy culture

  • Our attention is consumed by US advocacy & media

We see an opportunity to enable a new generation of made-in-Canada justice communications - responsive to our history, culture, and context.

Bail reform is a high-impact issue in Canada

  • The decision to grant bail has the single largest impact on the outcome of a criminal case

  • Ontario’s bail process traps marginalized people in a cycle of trauma

  • Legal advocacy has tried and failed to reform the system

That needs a creative communications strategy

  • Decades of extensive research & strong consensus on causes of injustice and needed remedies

  • Experts recognize that shifting our cultural perceptions around bail is a massive, untapped opportunity

  • Legal & policy professionals don’t have the expertise or skills to shift the broader cultural landscape

This website will form the centrepiece of the Unlock Bail Reform Project: public-facing creative communications campaign in 2021 with the goal of realizing a cultural shift on bail reform.